E' piccolo... è bionico... è sempre Gadget


E' piccolo... è bionico... è sempre Gadget (Gadget Boy)

  1. Titolo Originale: Gadget Boy & Heather (1a serie) / Gadget Boy's Adventures in History (2a serie)
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: DIC
  3. 1ª TV: 10 settembre 1995
  4. Episodi: 52 (completa)
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1a serie)

1.Raiders of the Lost Mummies
2.From Russia with Gadget Boy
3.Don't Burst my Bubble
4.Gadget Boy in Toyland
5.Gadget Boy and the Wee Folk
6.You Oughtta Be in Pictures
7.All That Gadgets Is Not Glitter
8.Gadget Boy and the Great Race
9.Gadget Boy and the Ship of Fools
10.Gadget Boy and the Uncommon Cold
11.Double Double Toil and Dabble
12.Gadget Boy Squadron
13.My Gadget Guard
14.Treasure of the Sierra Gadget
15.Gadget Boy and the Dumpling Gang
16.The Day the Gadget Boy Stood Still
17.Monumental Mayhem
18.Jurassic Spydra
19.Gadget Boy's Tiniest Adventure
20.Power of Babble
21.Pirate of the Airwaves
22.Jaws and Teeth
23.Eight Hands are Quicker Than Gadget Boy
24.Boris for President
25.All Webbed Up, Nowhere to Go
26.Vulture of the Bride

2a serie)

27.The Vulture Has Landed
28.The Long and Winding Wall
29.For Whom the Torch Rolls
30.Madame Spydra Fly
31.An Ice Age Runs Through It
32.The Three Gadgeteers
33.Hot Time in Old Caves
34.Bionic Blunder from Down Under
35.Some Assembly Required
37.Ice Station Vulture
38.Coming In on a Web and Prayer
39.All's Fair at the World Fair
40.A Whale of a Sail of a Tail
41.An Extinct Possibility
42.A Knight to Remember
43.No Laughing Matter
44.It's Not Easy Staying Green
45.Just Fakir-Ing It
46.Go West Young Vulture
47.These Are a Few of My Favourite Flying Things
48.Valley of the Vulture
49.The Time Land Forgot
50.Three Brainiacs in a Fountain
51.A Gadget Boy Christmas All Around the World
52.Back to the Vulture