1. Titolo Originale: The Ewoks (1a serie) - The All-New Ewoks (2a serie)
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: Lucasfilm / Nelvana / Hanho Heung-Up / Mi-Hahn Productions
  3. 1ª TV: 1985
  4. Episodi: 35 (completa)
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1a serie)

1.The Cries of the Trees
2.The Haunted Village
3.Rampage of the Phlogs
4.To Save Deej
5.The Traveling Jindas
6.The Tree of Light
7.The Curse of the Jindas
8.The Land of the Gupins
9.Sunstar vs. Shadowstone
10.Wicket's Wagon
11.The Three Lessons
12.Blue Harvest

2a serie) [13 puntate per 22 episodi]

1.The Crystal Cloak / The Wish Plant
2.Home Is Where the Shrieks Are / Princess Latara
3.The Raich
4.The Totem Master / A Gift for Shodu
5.Night of the Stranger
6.Gone with the Mimphs / The First Apprentice
7.Hard Sell / A Warrior and a Lurdo
8.The Season Scepter
9.Prow Beaten / Baga's Rival
10.Horville's Hut of Horrors / The Tragic Flute
11.Just My Luck / Bringing Up Norky
12.Battle for the Sunstar
13.Party Ewok / Malani the Warrior