Goober e i cacciatori di fantasmi


Goober e i cacciatori di fantasmi

  1. Titolo Originale: Goober and the Ghost Chasers
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: Hanna & Barbera
  3. 1¬ TV: 8 settembre 1973
  4. Episodi: 16 (completa)
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1.Assignment: The Ahaab Apparition
2.Brush Up Your Shakespeare
3.The Galloping Ghost [INEDITO IN ITALIA]
4.The Singing Ghost
5.The Ghost Ship
6.Mummy Knows Best
7.The Haunted Wax Museum
8.Aloha, Ghost
9.The Wicked Witch Dog
10.Venice Anyone?
11.Go West Young Ghost, Go West
12.A Hard Day's Knight
13.Is Sherlock Holme?
14.That Snow Ghost
15.Inca Dinka Doo
16.Old McDonalds Had A Ghost - EE II EEYOW