Happy Tree Friends


Happy Tree Friends

  1. Titolo Originale: Happy Tree Friends
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: Ken Pontac, Micheal Lipman, Rhode Montijo, Warren Graff
  3. 1¬ TV: 1999
  4. Episodi: 123 (in corso)
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Episodi trasmessi su Internet

1.Spin fun knowin' ya
2.House warming
3.Helping helps
4.Crazy antics
5.Havin' a ball
6.Water you wading for?
7.Nuttin wrong with candy
8.Wheelin' and dealin'
9.Pitchin' impossible
10.Stayin' alive!
11.Treasure those idol moments
12.Chip off the ol' block
13.Nuttin' but the tooth
14.Hide and seek
15.Whose Line Is It Anyway?
16.Boo do you think you are?
17.Mime and mime again
18.You're bakin' me crazy
19.Tongue twister trouble
20.Meat me for lunch
21.Sweet ride
22.It's a snap
23.Off the hook
24.Spare me
25.Snow what? that's what!
26.This is your knife
27.Happy trails (Part One)
28.Happy trails (Part Two: Jumping the Shark)
29.Eye candy
30.Rink hijinks
31.Flippin' burgers
32.Get whale soon
33.Snip, snip hooray!
34.Eyes cold lemonade
35.Milkin' it
36.Out of sight, out of mime
37.Class act
38.The way you make me wheel
39.Better off bread
40.I get a trick out of you
41.Shard at work
42.Water way to go
43.Out on a limb
44.Keepin it reel
45.A hard act to swallow
46.Let it slide
47.Icy you
48.Hello dolly
49.Remains to be seen
50.Stealing the spotlight
51.Ski ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
52.Blind date
53.Suck it up
54.From A to Zoo
55.Read 'em and Weep
56.Can't Stop Coffin
57.We're Scrooged!
58.A Sucker for Love (Part One)
59.A Sucker for Love (Part Two)
60.Just Desert
61.Peas in a Pod
62.Wrath of Con
63.All Flocked Up
64.Something Fishy
65.Without a Hitch
66.Swelter Skelter
67.I Nub you
68.A Bit of a Pickle
69.See You Later, Elevator

Episodi trasmessi su MTV

1.The Wrong Side of the Tracks / From Here to Eternity / And the Kitchen Sink
2.Party Animal / Ipso Fatso / Don't Yank My Chain
3.Doggone It! / Concrete Solution / Sea What I Found
4.Every Litter Bit Hurts / As You Wish / Take A Hike
5.Snow Place To Go / Dunce Upon A Time / Gems The Breaks
6.Easy For You To Sleigh / Wishy Washy / Who's To Flame?
7.A Change Of Heart / A Hole Lotta Love / Mime To Five
8.Blast From the Past / Chew Said a Mouthful / See What Develops
9.Idol Curiosity / Home is Where the Hurt Is / Aw, Shucks!
10.A Sight For Sore Eyes / Wipe Out / Letter Late Than Never
11.Wingin' It / Tongue In Cheek / Easy Comb, Easy Go
12.I've Got You Under My Skin / In a Jam / Junk in the Trunk
13.Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow / Double Whammy / Autopsy Turvy
14.One Foot In The Grave
15.Lesser Of Two Evils
16.The Third Degree
17.Four On The Floor
18.The Fifth Grade
19.Deep Six
20.Seventh Heaven
21.Behind The Eight Ball
22.Nine Lives
23.Going Ten Crazy
24.Series Of Twelve
25.Thirteen Eyes On Me
26.W.A.R. Journal - Operation: Tiger Bomb
27.Buddhist Monkey - Three Courses of Death
28.Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad - Mirror, Mirror