1. Titolo Originale: Horseland
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: DIC
  3. 1¬ TV: 16 settembre 2006
  4. Episodi: 39 (completa)
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1.You Can't Judge a Girl By Her Limo
2.Win Some, Lose Some
3.Back in the Saddle Again
4.Cry Wolf
5.Fire, Fire, Burning Bright
6.Fast Friends
7.Pepper's Pain
8.The Awful Truth
9.The Best Loss
10.The Can-Do Kid
11.The Competition
12.Boss Bailey
13.A True Gift
14.First Love
15.Bailey's New Friend
16.Molly and Chili
17.Wild Horses
18.Magic in the Moonlit Meadow
19.The Horse Whisperer
21.The Big Parade
22.The Bluebird of Happiness
23.Riding In Style
24.International Sarah
25.Changing Spots
26.The Whispering Gallery
27.The Secret
28.The Newbies
29.A New Development
30.New Pup in Town
31.A Horse Named River
32.The Last Drop
33.No News is Good News
34.Talk Talk
35.Oh, Baby
36.Heritage Days
37.The Princess
38.Added Weight
39.Sister, Sister