King Kong (1966)


King Kong (1966)

  1. Titolo Originale: The King Kong Show
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio:
  3. 1¬ TV: 10 settembre 1966
  4. Episodi: 72 + 1 episodio pilota (completa)
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2.Under the Volcano / For the Last Time, Feller...I'm not Bait! / The Treasure Trap
3.The Horror of Mondo Island / Hey, that was a Close One World! / Dr. Who
4.Rocket Island / I was a 9 1/2 oz. Weakling Till One Day... / The African Bees
5.The Hunter / I was a Starling for the USA! / The Space Men
6.The Jinx of the Sphinx / Cool Nerves and... Steady Hands / The Greeneyed Monster
7.The Top of the World / All Guys from Outer Space are Creeps/The Golden Temple
8.The Electric Circle / Mechanical Granma / Mirror of Destruction
9.Tiger Tiger / The Day We Almost Had It / The Vise of Dr.Who
10.King Kong's House / Tom Makes History / MechaniKong
11.The Giant Sloths / Tom Scores Again / The Legend of Loch Ness
12.Dr. Bone / Blow, Jack, Blow! / No Man's Snowman
13.The Desert Pirates / Tom and the TV Pirates / Command Performance
14.The Sea Surrounds Us / The Girl from M.A.D. / Show Biz
15.The Wizard of Overlord / Just One of those Nights / Perilous Porpoise
16.The Trojan Horse / Runt of 1,000 Faces / The Man from K.O.N.G.
17.Caribbean Cruise / Hello, Dollies! / Diver's Dilemma
18.The Great Sun Spots / Pardner / Kong is Missing
19.In the Land of the Giant Trees / Beans is Beans / Captain Kong
20.Statue of Liberty Play / What Goes Up... / Pandora's Box
21.The Thousand Year Knockout / Our Man, the Monster / Desert City
22.Eagle Squadron / Never Trust a Clam / The Kong of Stone
23.Murderer's Maze / Drop that Ocean, Feller / The Great Gold Strike
24.It Wasn't There Again Today / Plug that Leak / The Mad Whale
25.The King Kong Diamond / The Scooby / Anchors Away