Kolby ed i suoi piccoli amici


Kolby ed i suoi piccoli amici

  1. Titolo Originale: Koara b˘i Kokkţ
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: Su-jeong Kang
  3. 1¬ TV: 4 ottobre 1984
  4. Episodi: 26 (completa)
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1.The Old Clock Tower / Mingle Takes A Dive
2.Is Weather A Frog? / Lost In A Race
3.Ghost Ship / Balloon Pamie
4.The King of the Castle / Hang-Gliding With Roobear
5.The Mysterious Moa Bird / Love That Baby Moa!
6.Snow White and the Seven Koalas / Roobear's Invention
7.Papa On Stilts / Detective Roobear
8.The Dinosaur Egg / Treasure Hunt
9.Pamie Falls In Love / The Koala Butterfly
10.The Koala Bear Gang / Back To Nature
11.Roobear Saves the Day / Editor-In-Chief Roobear
12.Monster Scoop / The Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle In the World
13.Who Will Be the Flower Queen? / Circus Day
14.Roobear the Babysitter / Papa Makes a Pie
15.The Amazing Boomerang / The Runaway Hat
16.Conquering Mt. Breadknife / Save the Eucalyptus
17.Mommy Can Fly / The Secret of the McGillicuddy Vase
18.Heavenly Fireworks / Save that Junk
19.The Winner / A Hundred-Year-Old Camera
20.Nurse Pamie / Any Mail Today?
21.The Writing on the Wall / A Ride In A Spaceship
22.Is Mingle a Nuisance? / Allowance Problems
23.A Whale of a Ride / Laura Finds An Egg
24.A Broken Umbrella / Save The Butterflies
25.The Moon Goddess / The Flying Doctor
26.A Eucalyptus Rocket / Penguins Don't Fly