1. Titolo Originale: Sogen no shojo Rora
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: Laura Ingalls Wilder (romanzi della "Little House series")
  3. 1¬ TV: 7 ottobre 1975
  4. Episodi: 26 (completa)
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1.Little house in a big forest
2.A wolf cub arrives
3.Everyone's treasure
4.The boy in the covered wagon
5.New house across the forest
6.Bear cub we met at the waterfall
7.My hero the cowboy
8.A fawn is calling
9.Bullets made by dad
10.Bearded guest
11.Lost migrating bird
12.Where did Santa Claus go?
13.Dad disappears in a snowstorm
14.Dreams and hope! Departing for the prairies
15.Big adventure! Crossing the frozen lake
16.Jack the dog disappears
17.Come back, Jack, my dear dog!
18.Cute animals of the big prairies
19.Build it quickly! Our new house
20.A wolf pack surrounds the house
21.New house built with dad
22.A cute calf has arrived!
23.Perilous well-digging
24.Something terrible happened!
25.My house is burning!!
26.Wheat, grow tall!