Oscar's Oasis


Oscar's Oasis

  1. Titolo Originale: Oscar's Oasis
  2. Autore/Casa/Studio: TeamTO / Tuba Entertainment / Cake Entertainment
  3. 1¬ TV: 2008
  4. Episodi: 78 (completa)
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1.Bad Trip
2.Egg Race
3.Finding Water
4.Baby Doll
5.Falling in Love
6.The Fly
7.Hot Dog Way of Life
8.Walking on the Moon
9.Chicken Charmer
10.Oasis cup
11.Home Sweet Home
12.Road Runners
13.Top Gun
14.Beach Dream
16.Meerkat Blues
17.Parasol, Parabole and Satellite Dish
18.Barbecue Party
19.Pronto Express
22.Cuckoo Horn
23.Fly Force One
24.The Great Escape
25.Rock a Bye Booboo
26.Fluff the Magic Lizard
28.Forbidden Zone
29.Chicken Ace
30.Lizard : wanted
31.Yummi Oscar
32.Mom in Spit of Himself
33.Corn to be Wild
34.Amazing Chicken
35.Power of Love
36.Seventh Heaven
37.Pineapple Chase
38.Sweet Smell Of Success
39.Food Chain
40.Barrel Story
41.Egg Over Easy
42.Forbidden Paradise
43.Scam sandwich
44.Get Out of It
45.Winning Ticket
46.Collector Mania
47.Lucked Out
48.Firefly Flash
49.GodLizard Returns
50.My Bodyguard
51.Touching Bottom
52.Sound Bites
53.Black Run
54.One For All
55.Frost Bitten
56.Day of the Chicken
57.The Unexpected Hero
58.Busy Day
59.Lizard in the Sky
60.Hiccup and Away
61.Bad Seed
62.Smells Like Trouble
63.Leader of the Pack
64.Momma Croc
65.Toothbrush Tussel
66.Radio Active
67.Sweet Heart
68.Golf Club
69.A Manolo's Best Friend
70.Revenge of the Small Fry
71.He's got Rhythm
72.Roco's Treasure
74.Down In The Dumps
75.Witness The Fitness
76.Hunt for Red Hot Chilli Pepper
77.For a Fistful of Corn
78.Picture Perfect