X-DuckX (Canards extrêmes) è una serie animata francese che racconta le avventure bizzarre e pericolose di un duo di papere, Slax e Geextah, appassionati di sport estremi.


Titolo Originale: Canards extrêmes
Autore/Casa/Studio: Jan Van Rijsselberge
1ª TV: 5 settembre 2001
Episodi: 78 (completa)
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Episodi Streaming


S1, Ep1
One Lucky Duck

S1, Ep2
Weight and See

S1, Ep3
Exhibit Day

S1, Ep4

S1, Ep5
Catch a Falling Star

S1, Ep6
Deep Sheep

S1, Ep7
Statue Nuts

S1, Ep8
Off the Record

S1, Ep9
What a Drag!

S1, Ep10
Game Showdown

S1, Ep11
Pond Scum

S1, Ep12
Home Sweat Home

S1, Ep13
Extreme 9000

S1, Ep14
To Serve Duck

S1, Ep15
Master Skater

S1, Ep16
Haunted Duck

S1, Ep17
Eggs Travaganza

S1, Ep18
Starving Stars

S1, Ep19
Witch Race

S1, Ep20

S1, Ep21
Censor This

S1, Ep22
Paperwork Island

S1, Ep23
Power, My Friend

S1, Ep24
X-mas Duckx

S1, Ep25
The Far Away Farm

S1, Ep26
Whizz Duckx

S1, Ep27
Smile, Nessie

S1, Ep28
Tennis Tenors

S1, Ep29
Geextah Cheats Cheeta

S1, Ep30
Ducky Duckx

S1, Ep31
Restless Place

S1, Ep32

S1, Ep33
Extreme Awards

S1, Ep34

S1, Ep35

S1, Ep36
We Want Candy

S1, Ep37
Extreme Vacation

S1, Ep38
Troyan Cockroaches

S1, Ep39

S1, Ep40
Extreme Lessons

S1, Ep41
The Fan

S1, Ep42
Rodeo Show

S1, Ep43
One Tooth Too Many

S1, Ep44
Captain Iceberg

S1, Ep45
Hair on Your Hair

S1, Ep46
Savage Ducks

S1, Ep47

S1, Ep48
Vacation in the Shade

S1, Ep49
Noel Destroy

S1, Ep50
Super Ducks

S1, Ep51
Cap Caper

S1, Ep52
Statue Fied

S1, Ep53
We Love You

S1, Ep54
Royal Beaver

S1, Ep55
Big Fish

S1, Ep56
High Tech Toilet

S1, Ep57
Abominable Snow Beasts

S1, Ep58
Extreme Burger

S1, Ep59
Fleas Release Me, Let Me Go

S1, Ep60
Mega Men

S1, Ep61
Sweet DuckX

S1, Ep62
Biquet Club

S1, Ep63
The Mummy

S1, Ep64
All Hallows DuckX

S1, Ep65
Firemen of Love

S1, Ep66
Bats ‘Bout Bananas

S1, Ep67
Dr. Frankenstooge

S1, Ep68
Sock Her!

S1, Ep69
Rat a Toule

S1, Ep70
Mega Men 2

S1, Ep71
Going Up to the Country

S1, Ep72
Wash and Wear Weenies

S1, Ep73

S1, Ep74
Mega Men in the Garden

S1, Ep75
Extreme Pick Up
S1, Ep76
Episodio #1.76
S1, Ep77
Comme dans un miroir
S1, Ep78
Lions’N Tigers’n DuckX, Hee, Hee



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